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Jamaica boosts investment in renewable energy

Christian Fernsby |
The Government of Jamaica continues boosting investment in renewable energy, with a view to moving towards the economic future of the country.

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In a tweet, the Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness highlighted the comprehensive plan developed by his administration, with the purpose of advocating for greater and better access to energy financing in the country.

Holness stressed the historical and very meaningful moment for the Jamaican people to put into operation the solar park Paradise Farm in the town of Savanna-la-Mar, in Westmoreland, 144 kilometers north of the capital.

'The project will significantly reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels and help Jamaica achieve its sustainable energy development goals,' the president assured.

Paradise Park, an investment of 65 million dollars, is the largest solar installation on the island, designed to supply 37 megawatts of energy to the national system for the benefit of thousands of citizens.

In the capital, the Jamaican government also enhances the construction of a hybrid energy storage plant, as part of a strategy to facilitate the use of healthier and renewable fuels.

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