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Kiev’s statements on Sputnik V vaccine go against interests of Ukrainians, says politician

Christian Fernsby |
The Ukrainian Health Ministry’s statements that the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V could not be registered until Phase 3 of clinical trials is complete has nothing in common with medicine or the Ukrainians’ interests, the Ukrainian Party Opposition Platform - For Life led by Viktor Medvedchuk said in a statement on Sunday.

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"The statement made by Ukraine’s chief sanitary doctor [Viktor] Lyashko that Ukraine will not be registering Sputnik V is senile guff that has nothing to do with either medicine or the interests of Ukrainian citizens," the statement says.

Medvedchuk pointed out that "to date, none of the vaccines has gone through Phase 3 of trials. Neither Pfizer (Phase 3 will be completed in 2023), nor Moderna (in 2022), nor AstraZeneca (in 2023)."

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