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Lebanon, Egypt, Syria sign gas flow deal on Arab Natural Gas

Christian Fernsby |
Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian authorities signed an agreement for the re-flow of gas from the Arab Natural Gas line in Beirut.

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Lebanese Energy Minister, Walid Fayyad, Syria's Deputy Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Abdulkerim Ali, and Egypt's Ambassador to Beirut, Yasser Allavi, were present at the gas agreement ceremony held at the Lebanese Ministry of Energy.

Under the agreement, 720 million cubic meters per year will be sent from Egypt to Lebanon.

"With Egyptian gas, (Lebanese) citizens will be able to provide electricity for four more hours a day," Fayyad confirmed.

According to Fayyad, parties to the agreement requested that Egypt be exempt from the Caesar Act, which covers U.S. sanctions on the Assad regime in Syria.

Egypt called on the U.S. administration to support the implementation of the agreement, in consideration of the fact that the World Bank fully finances Egyptian gas imports.

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