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Lithuania changes threshold for countries on its coronavirus affected list

Christian Fernsby |
Lithuania decided to change the threshold for countries on its coronavirus "affected" list, according to a release from the government.

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"Given the rapidly changing situation in Lithuania and the world, it is necessary to react quickly and flexibly to the latest epidemiological situation, "said Minister of the Interior Rita Tamasuniene in the release.

"With the increase in morbidity in Lithuania, it is expedient to include in the list of Affected Countries only those countries where the risk of coronavirus infection is higher than in Lithuania," stated the release.

According to the decision, the self isolation requirement will be applied only to people coming from countries where the coronavirus incidence is at least 10 percent higher than in Lithuania in the last 14 calendar days.

Currently, the threshold for the self quarantine requirement is 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 calendar days. Lithuania's morbidity rate now stands at 53.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Lithuania's Health Ministry updates the list of coronavirus affected countries every Friday, with the list coming into effect on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Health, Lithuania has reported a total of 5,483 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 101 deaths and 2,600 recoveries. The Lithuanian government has decided to purchase coronavirus vaccine via the European Commission's joint procurement mechanism.

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