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Lukashenko says he is skeptic, won't be vaccinated against coronavirus

Christian Fernsby |
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has described himself as a skeptic and therefore is not planning to get a vaccine against coronavirus.

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"I won't get vaccinated or inoculated," Lukashenko said while visiting a children's infectious diseases hospital in Minsk on Friday.

Anyway, Belarus plans to inoculate 1.2 million people against coronavirus next spring. "Or perhaps two million, depending on the people's attitude toward this," he said.

Belarus became the first foreign country to conduct clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, developed by Russia's Gamaleya State Research Center. The results of the trials were recognized as positive. Belarus plans to buy 100,000 doses of the vaccine from Russia at the first stage. It was reported on Monday, December 21, that the Belarusian Health Ministry issued a registration certificate for the Sputnik V vaccine.

Lukashenko also said on Friday Belarus planned to use vaccines by five or six different manufacturers.

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