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Maduro: U.S. provocation ready, army mobilized

Christian Fernsby |
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said about the provocations being prepared by Colombia and the United States and ordered to mobilize the army.

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“I have information that the Colombian authorities, together with the Southern Command of the US army, have planned another provocation on the border of Venezuela and Colombia,” Maduro said during a meeting with transport workers. He also added that all personnel of the Bolivarian armed forces “need to be on alert.”

According to the Venezuelan leader, the purpose of the series of provocations is to provoke a military conflict on the border, as well as divert attention from the ongoing protests in the country.

Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela has spent US$5 billion worth of oil to reduce its debt to Russia and China and to send oil to Cuba, while leaving Venezuelans without basic food and medicines, U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, said this week.

The Maduro regime is not buying enough food and medicines for the ordinary people, despite the fact that food and medicines are exempted from sanctions, and Venezuela is allowed to buy necessities even from America, Abrams said at a special briefing.

“The regime paid the Russian oil company Rosneft over a billion and a half dollars to reduce debt,” he said.

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