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Merkel: Brexit extension possible if UK parliament votes next week

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said EU leaders could consent to an extension of Brexit if the UK parliament votes next week for British Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement.

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"We can definitely talk positively about a short extension," Merkel said in a statement to the Bundestag ahead of the EU summit in Brussels, although the question of the "legality of the European elections" at the end of May must also be taken into account.

But there would need to be a "more fundamental discussion" if the withdrawal agreement again fails to muster a majority in parliament. "We will then have to keep open whether the European Council meets again before the Brexit date," the FT cited her as saying.

Merkel noted she was still convinced that both the UK and the EU wanted an orderly Brexit and "we must direct all our energies in the remaining days to make this possible."

May has asked the EU to delay Brexit from March 29 until June 30, but any extension needs to be agreed to by all EU members.

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