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Multi-million-dollar tourism attractions to create jobs in Longreach, Queensland

Christian Fernsby |
Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones has announced the Palaszczuk Government will deliver two major infrastructure projects in the outback designed to kickstart the tourism industry in Longreach.

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The Palaszczuk Government will partner with Qantas Foundation Memorial to deliver more than $3 million in new tourism attractions as part of its Luminescent project at Longreach including:

- Restoration of the Super Constellation passenger aircraft

- Development of an interactive light and sound experience designed to

each tourists about the history of Australia’s first passenger aircraft “We invest in tourism attractions because we know they create jobs for locals and support the economy,” said Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones.

“Tourism is currently worth $350 million and supports 3700 jobs in the outback.

“The Qantas Luminescent project is expected to create 44 construction jobs and 13 Jobs when operational, attract an extra 10,500 visitors a year to Longreach and generate almost $4 million for the economy – a huge boost to the local tourism industry.”

Ms Jones said the Palaszczuk Government was investing more in tourism than any other government in Queensland’s history.

The Minister said the two projects announced today would be supported through the $36 million Growing Tourism Infrastructure fund and the $10 million Outback Tourism Infrastructure fund.

“The latest research is telling us that tourists are looking for a unique experience. But we know that to lure visitors out west we need to invest in infrastructure,” she said.

“Tourism is a sector of the outback economy that has huge potential in years to come. That’s why the Premier announced 2019 the Year of Outback Tourism.

“This is confirmation of the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to grow this sector to create sustainable jobs growth in west Queensland,” she said.

Qantas Foundation Memorial CEO Tony Martin said Luminescent Longreach would create a destination, unique not only in Australia, but across the world.

“Using sound and light show storytelling technology projected onto an 8000 square metre roof and the fuselage of the iconic Boeing 747 and 707, visitors will learn about the history of the Outback Queensland region and Qantas,” he said.

“The project will be commencing in June 2019, and will be completed in time for the Qantas Centenary celebrations in 2020.”

During her visit to the outback this week Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones also visited the North Gregory Hotel at Winton to inspect the Dinosaur Dreaming Trail.

The Project announced last year is almost complete – now boasting a Koa Theatre, Gidgee Cooker, Artesian Spa and Boomerang Stage.

“The Queensland outback has a rich indigenous culture that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world,” she said.

“That’s why we’re working with locals and Traditional Owners to develop new attractions that will create local jobs and help us share this culture with tourists.”

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