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Orban resigns, Romania votes for Social Democrats

Christian Fernsby |
Romania’s center right prime minister Ludovic Orban resigned Monday after a general election in which voters delivered nominal victory to the left leaning opposition party.

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Ludovic Orban’s National Liberals (PNL) have been defeated by Social Democrat Party.

Orban who is also the party leader said he was resigning from government because the PNL had to focus on talks to establish a new parliamentary majority.

“My objective is to form a majority that will not include the PSD,” he said, using the Romanian acronym for the Social Democrat Party.

“I want my resignation to show clearly that I am not holding onto any position,” Orban said. “I place Romania’s interests above PNL’s interests and above my personal interests.”

Orban's Cabinet will remain in office in a caretaker capacity, but under Romania's law must be replaced by a new administration within 45 days.

Until then, Defense Minister Nicolae Ciuca will act as the prime minister, having been designated for the post by President Klaus Iohannis.

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