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Peru: Maduro diplomats must leave Peru within 15 days

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Peruvian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Hugo de Zela announced that Venezuelan diplomats must leave Peru within a period of 15 days, since Carlos Scull has been recognized as the official representative of the Bolivarian nation in the Inca country.

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The official indicated the 15-day period started last Friday, and —once the deadline expires— their stay will be considered illegal, as their visas will be canceled.

De Zela recalled that Venezuelan Ambassador Scull has already presented his credential letters to Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra.

On the other hand, De Zela informed that after the violent acts committed by Maduro against his fellow citizens last week Lima Group will increase diplomatic pressure to achieve the return of democracy to Venezuela.

De Zela pointed out Lima Group members will seek to undertake joint efforts towards nations that do not understand there is a transition process in Venezuela.

Concerning the financial sphere, measures will be applied to cut off money flowing from foreign institutions into "this military mafia that controls Venezuela."

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