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Poland-U.S. alliance for both sides

Christian Fernsby |
Poland enjoys good relationship with America in which both countries benefit from pursuing their convergent interests, the Polish president has said.

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Andrzej Duda was speaking while on a trip to the United States, a visit during which he and US President Donald Trump on Monday signed a defence agreement to name locations for more American troops in Poland.

"To have a presence in Poland is in the interest of the United States, its security and its economic interests, but it is also in our interest,” Duda told Polish broadcaster TVP in an interview in New York on Wednesday.

He added: “And we are fortunate enough to see our interests converge and overlap at this point.”

Duda also told the Polish public broadcaster that his country was benefiting from liquefied natural gas it purchased from the United States.

"Yes, they do business by selling us gas … and we buy liquefied gas from them. But we get to use this gas … we find it profitable and a good deal,” he said. “It strengths our security.”

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