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President Rouhani: Iran's national internet to work in parallel with foreign internet

Christian Fernsby |
President Hassan Rouhani said that national internet will be provided in parallel with foreign internet and that the improvement does not mean cut-off of foreign internet.

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The government wants people to enjoy strong domestic internet network along with the foreign internet, the president said at the cabinet session held in Tehran.

President Rouhani said that petrol price hike which recently led to unrest in Iranian cities, was successful to help the low income people.

The petrol price rise helped lower consumption of fuel and that Iran can increase export of petrol, the president added.

Meanwhile, the people these days have problems created by the enemies' pressures after the highest level of sanctions imposed on Iran, he noted.

As long as the unjust sanctions are not lifted, the problems will exist, the president said stressing the need to overcome the difficulty.

Iran is determined to foil the enemies' plot through boosting domestic production and hold talks, the president said, underlining the importance of moving within the framework of the system's redlines.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president referred to different development projects which are inaugurated across the country every week as an indication of government's efforts made to develop the country.

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