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Rebel Republicans help US Senate block funding for Trump's border wall with Mexico

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Twelve rebel members of President Donald Trump's party have helped pass a 59-41 vote to reject his declaration of an emergency on the US-Mexico border.

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The Republican rebels were Mitt Romney and Mike Lee of Utah, Marco Rubio of Florida, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Rob Portman of Ohio, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

Thom Tillis of North Carolina changed his mind minutes before the vote and said he would oppose it.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives last month backed the measure.

Following Thursday's vote, Trump tweeted: "VETO!"

Congress needs a two-thirds majority of both chambers to override a presidential veto, which is viewed as unlikely in this case.

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