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Rules for international travel to England will change on 4 October

Christian Fernsby |
The rules for international travel to England will change on 4 October 2021.

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I’m pleased to announce we will introduce a new longer-term framework for testing and health measures at the border, which will remain in place until the new year at the earliest, said Grant Shapps.

"so, from 4 October, we will replace the traffic light system with a single red list of countries and simplified travel measures for arrivals from the rest of the world, depending on vaccination status

"second, we will remove the requirement for fully vaccinated passengers to take a pre-departure test, if not travelling from a red list country

"third, by later in October, we will have moved away from 2-day PCR testing to a new system of lateral flow tests for fully vaccinated passengers arriving from non-red list countries. If passengers test positive, they will then be required to take a confirmatory PCR test which will be genomically sequenced to identify and mitigate the risk of variants entering the UK. That PCR test will be at no further cost to the traveller.

"Unvaccinated passengers, passengers with vaccines not authorised or certificates not yet recognised in the UK arriving from non red list countries will still be required to take a pre departure test, day 2 and day 8 PCR tests and to self isolate.

"I can also tell the House today of another significant easing of the rules for those who change flights or international trains as part of their journey here. This change will ensure that passengers who remain airside in airports, and in railway stations, will only be required to follow the measures associated to their country of departure, rather than any countries they have transited through as part of their journey."

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