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Russia urges support for French plan on JCPOA for Iran

Christian Fernsby |
Russia's representative in international organizations in Vienna and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) called for support for the French plan on Iran's nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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Trade wars have become commonplace phenomena, but we witness a different situation for Iran, Mikhail Ulyanov wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

He added that sanctions against Iran would be exacerbated in exchange for lowering its nuclear commitments and no one would win the race.

The Russian representative to international organizations noted that it was time to restore everything, including the French proposal.

In connection with French President Emmanuel Macron's plan, it is said Paris is to launch a $ 15 billion credit line to pre-purchase of Iran oil to save the JCPOA and increase the hope for the implementation of the nuclear deal; a plan that will be implemented in three years.

Earlier, during a visit to Iran by Macron's diplomatic adviser, Emmanuel Bonne, for the first time the Freezing Against Freezing project, or "freeze versus freezing" was unveiled; a plan proposed by Macron's diplomatic adviser in Tehran which was not accepted by the Islamic Republic.

Under the plan, Iran, which has already taken two steps on its way to lowering its nuclear commitments and has announced to take a third step soon, should stop lowering its commitments in exchange for a lifting of US oil sanctions.

One of Paris' most important goals in formulating and proposing this initiatives is to stop Iran's gradual steps to lower its comittments towards the JCPOA, and France, as one of the influential members of the JCPOA, seeks to prevent the continuation of Iran's measures. In this regard, Macron has already made direct phone calls to Iran's President Hassan Rouhani.

The latest phone call between the two presidents happened last Saturday when Rouhani and Macron discussed regional developments and then focused on the implementation and fulfillment of the other party's commitments. It was the first phone call by the Presidents of the two countries since the end of the Group of Seven leaders' summit in Biarritz, France; a meeting that Macron's strive for rescue of the JCPOA on the eve of it was evident.

In past days, President Rouhani has stressed Iran's determination to take the third step towards reducing Iran’s obligations to the Joint Comprehensive of Plan of Action(JCPOA) on Friday.

In remarks after a meeting among the heads of three branches of power on Wednesday, the President underlined Iran's Atomic Energy Organization capability and readiness to provide whatever the country needs in nuclear technology research and development.

Rouhani further stressed that Iran's actions will be within the framework of the IAEA's regulations and, noting that there is still another 60-day deadline ahead for Europe, said whenever they return to their commitments, Iran will also return to its obligations.

Referring to the steps taken to reduce commitments, in regard to the third step, the President stated that in the third step, the Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) is obliged to start immediately to provide whatever the technical needs of the country in the field of research and development and put aside all commitments in the field of research and development stipulated in the JCPOA in order to witness the expansion of research and developments (R&D) in all kinds of new centrifuges and everything we need for enrichment, the AEOI will do the same with pace.

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