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Scotland sets out £100m hydrogen plan

Christian Fernsby |
The Scottish government has published a five year plan designed to make the country a hydrogen producer.

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It will invest more than £100m to advance development of the cleaner energy source.

The five year plan is intended to help build Scotland’s hydrogen economy and deliver an ambition for the technology to provide nearly a sixth of Scotland’s energy needs by 2030.

The five year capital investment programme will focus on supporting regional renewable hydrogen production hubs and renewable hydrogen projects. The first tranche of investment will be a £10m Hydrogen Innovation Fund, to be launched next year to drive technological progress and advance innovation and cost reduction within the emerging sector.

Separately, the Scottish government’s energy transition fund is being expanded to up to £75m to deliver £15 million of investment in an Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub, which will develop infrastructure to support the growth of a hydrogen transport fleet and the deployment of new applications across the north east.

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