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Senator Cotton: All evidence points to Chinese Wuhan lab as coronavirus source

Christian Fernsby |
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) rebuked the head of a Wuhan laboratory who claimed it was impossible that the coronavirus originated in his lab, dismissing the defense by noting he’s an official in the Chinese Communist Party who is towing the party line.

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In response to Wuhan Institute of Virology Director Yuan Zhiming’s declaration that “There’s no way this virus came from us,” Cotton said to Fox News anchor Ed Henry, “Let’s take a look at that laboratory director.

He’s not just some independent truth-seeking scientist, Ed, he is an official in the Chinese Communist Party who is towing the party line.”

“We all know, and we’ve known since January, that that food market in Wuhan was not the source of this virus.

“Chinese scientists established that more than a third of all original cases had no contact with the food market.

“The best evidence suggests that the kind of bat from which this virus jumped to humans wasn’t even present there,” he explained.

“And then you have all the circumstantial evidence pointing at the labs in Wuhan.”

“They did have those bats, they did research these coronaviruses, our diplomats in China were worried about laboratory safety there, China has a history of bad laboratory safety.

“All that circumstantial evidence points towards the labs,” Cotton continued, adding, “Then of course you have the Chinese cover ups, the lies, the disinformation, the intimidation of any potential whistleblowers.

“That’s why the most plausible explanation for the origins of this virus is one of those two labs in Wuhan.”

Upon being asked whether a global investigation into China could be the right response, Cotton said, “I don’t think an international investigation would hurt, but I don’t hold out much promise for it.

“Remember, China’s already destroyed a lot of the evidence here.

“They have disappeared people who were involved in the matter.”

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