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Serbia to sign agreements with UK

Christian Fernsby |
Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matic said on Thursday the goal of an agreement with the UK that also included trade relations was that Serbia retain all trade benefits that had existed prior to Brexit.

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In a statement to the national broadcaster RTS, she said that, as a member of the UK government had said, the agreement would be signed.

When asked why the signing of the agreement had been delayed, Matic said the negotiations with the UK had taken a long time to complete.

“Simply put, they are that kind of negotiator, they set conditions in a dominant manner. Those are standard agreements that they wanted to sign with everyone – we wanted to separate the trade part from the cooperation part, while they wanted a comprehensive agreement. We have found compromise, which is always the best solution,” Matic said.

She said services were the most dominant factor in Serbia-UK trade relations and that the UK was Serbia’s third-largest partner in the world in the area behind the US and Germany.

“In particular, the IT sector, telecommunications, financial services, that is what is dominant in the (Serbia-UK) economic relations when it comes to the services trade,” Matic said.

She said frozen fruits and vegetables dominated Serbian exports to the UK.

“Particularly, sugar-free raspberries, marmalades, jams, mostly food products that are organic and bear designations of geographic origin, which is highly valued,” she said.

She said that, from the UK, Serbia was mostly importing medicines, cars and raw materials for tyre production.

“The UK is the 15th most significant investor in Serbia – they believe our market has potential in terms of getting to third-country markets, they see possibilities for additional investments, which we also talked about – primarily in the sphere of telecommunications infrastructure development, digitalisation, and they believe we have extremely well-educated, highly qualified workforce,” Matic noted.

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