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Somebody could have stopped coronavirus deaths in U.S., says Trump

Christian Fernsby |
U.S. deaths from the novel coronavirus could have been stopped by "somebody," President Donald Trump said Monday.

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"There has been so much unnecessary death in this country. It could have been stopped and it could have been stopped short, but somebody a long time ago, it seems, decided not to do it that way," Trump told reporters at the White House.

"And the whole world is suffering because of it," he added.

He did not give a name, but China has long been slammed by some for failing to timely handle the virus and hiding the outbreak at the beginning.

US deaths from the coronavirus have surpassed 56,000, with the number of infections near one million - two thirds of the world's total.

Asked by a reporter how he would hold Beijing accountable, Trump said there are a lot of ways and the U.S. is conducting "serious investigations” into China’s response to the outbreak.

"We are not happy with China. We’re not happy with that whole situation. We believe it could have been stopped at the source.

"It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world," he added.

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