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State aid: Commission approves €20 million Spanish scheme for intelligent transportation systems

Christian Fernsby |
The European Commission has approved a €20 million Spanish scheme made available through the Recovery and Resilience Facility (‘RRF') supporting the deployment of intelligent systems that will provide enhanced communication and information services for motorways and tunnels of the Spanish State roads network.

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The measure will improve road safety in Spain and contribute to making road traffic more sustainable, through the deployment and enhancement of advanced digital technologies, in line with the EU's strategic objectives relating to the digital transition, while limiting possible distortions of competition.

The scheme will run until 31 December 2024 and the support will take the form of direct grants. It will be awarded, following a competitive selection procedure, to concessionaires and operation and maintenance (‘O&M') companies active in the State roads network.

The intelligent systems projects that will be eligible to receive support under the scheme include, among others, automatic incident detection systems, systems for monitoring atmospheric conditions on roads, intelligent lighting control systems, cooperative systems to make the national transport network more interoperable, and systems to enable remote and automatic operation in maintenance works through drones and digitalised machinery.

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