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Sudan refuses to internationalise Nile dam crisis

Christian Fernsby |
Sudanese Foreign Minister designate Omar Gamar Aldin confirmed that his country does not intend to "internationalise" the issue of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam at the present time, stressing that "the use of force in negotiations is unacceptable and we do not support it".

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ime is not on our side, given that the second phase of the dam's filling will begin next fall," Gamar Aldin stated in statements to local television, while indicating that the United States was a mediator in the negotiations, and the Egyptian side was keen to have this mediation ongoing.

He continued: "Ethiopia promoted the factor of colonial agreements in its favour during the Renaissance Dam negotiations," noting that "these accords are still binding and states will continue to abide by them."

The Sudanese minister emphasised that the Egyptian authorities were able to make the water security file a "national security issue".

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