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Theresa May got it right: UK MPs are afraid of making a decision

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UK PM Theresa May tonight told the nation that MPs have done "everything possible" to avoid making a choice on Brexit and that she was not prepared to delay the exit date beyond June 30.

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In a televised address from 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister said that it was "a matter of great personal regret for me" that Brexit will not go ahead on March 29 after she had to ask the EU for a delay.

She blamed MPs for failing to agree a means to implement the result of the 2016 referendum and said she believes voters just want this stage of the Brexit process to be over. And she told voters: "I am on your side."

Mrs May said: "Of this, I am absolutely sure: You the public have had enough. You are tired of the infighting, you're tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rows, tired of MPs talking about nothing else but Brexit when you have real concerns about our children's schools, our National Health Service, knife crime.

"You want this stage of the Brexit process to be over and done with. I agree. I am on your side. It is now time for MPs to decide."

She went on: "It is high time we made a decision. So far Parliament has done everything possible to avoid making a choice... tabling motion after motion and amendment after amendment."

"All MPs have been willing to say is what they don't want."

Mrs May said: "I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than June 30."

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