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Turkey's economy in strong recovery period says Erdogan

Christian Fernsby |
Turkey is in a very strong recovery period based on preliminary economic data for this June, the country's president said on Monday.

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Turkey's economic confidence index rose sharply to 73.5 in June, the country's statistical authority announced on Monday, adding that the figure jumped 19.1% from 61.7 last month as Turkey relaxed coronavirus-related restrictions.

"Turkey's 4.5% growth in the first quarter is the greatest proof of the economy's power and potential," President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said following a Cabinet meeting at the presidential complex in Ankara, Turkey’s capital.

He stressed that Turkey will become one of world's "star countries" to reshape itself after the novel pandemic.

Erdogan also underlined that Turkey aims to zero out the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

"We’re determined to move our country away from the risk group," he said.

On measures to help protect the public from the virus fallout, Erdogan also announced that the government extended a short work allowance benefit by one more month, adding that cash payment support will also continue for another month.

"Our only desire from the public in this process is that they support us by following the rules, taking care of their jobs, production, and protecting their country," Erdogan said.

Turkey’s total coronavirus cases reached 197,239 on Sunday, including 170,595 recoveries and 5,097 deaths.

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