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UK and Iran in talks over £400m debt

Christian Fernsby |
The UK and Iran are in discussions over a £400m debt that the UK owe.

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The UK owes the money for failing to deliver tanks Iran bought in the 1970s. Foreign Office minister James Cleverly said the talks were ongoing.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday, Foreign Office minister Cleverly said: "The situation with regards to the... military contract from the 1970s which has dragged on for decades, those negotiations are ongoing. They have been for a long while, sadly, but they are ongoing."

Asked if the talks were getting anywhere, Mr Cleverly said: "There's a legal process tied up with this as well. Iran most recently stepped away from that legal process which has of course delayed things.

"We are looking at ways of resolving what has been a multi-decade long problem.

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