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UK government confirms an additional £155 million for Scotland

Christian Fernsby |
Scotland will receive an additional £155 million in funding from the UK Government to help tackle coronavirus.

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UK Government minister Douglas Ross said: “The UK Government is doing whatever it takes to help people across the UK during the coronavirus crisis.

“This extra £155 million follows additional funding from the UK Government for council workers who are at the forefront of local efforts in keeping people safe and keeping public services open for those that need them the most.

“The new money for Scotland is on top of the substantial coronavirus funding package that has already been announced, meaning that Scotland will receive a total cash boost of more than £3.4 billion to help tackle coronavirus.

“We know that the current measures will remain in place for a further three weeks and people are facing many challenges. I would like to thank everyone who is following the advice to stay at home, as we protect our NHS and save lives.”

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