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UK MPs to vote tonight on Brexit deadline extension

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UK MPS Will be holding a vote later tonight to make a decision on debating a bill that would extend the current Brexit deadline to 31 January 2020 at the earliest.

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Johnson has urged the House to reject this bill tonight to “get the right deal for our country, deliver Brexit and take the whole country forward”.

The UK Parliment resumed earlier today after the summer recess. Johnson has been left without a Conservative majority after Philip Lee joined the Liberal Democrats party earlier today.

The motion being debated tonight would prevent the delay of the Benn bill debate beyond Friday. An emergency debate is currently being held on Brexit.

If the motion is passed by the House of Commons, MPs would have the chance to pass all stages of this bill tomorrow. It would then go to the House of Lords.

Labour leader in the House of Lords Angela Smith has tabled a motion to be debated tomorrow that would make sure all stages of the Benn bill were completed by 5pm this Friday.

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