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UK set new rules for foreign labour in post Brexit state

Christian Fernsby |
Britain will turn off the tap of foreign, low skilled labour and require all skilled workers wishing to come to the country to have a job offer and meet salary and language requirements as it sets the post Brexit rules from next year.

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At the moment, EU citizens are able to move freely between the member states, prompting some Britons to vote for Brexit in the 2016 referendum in a bid to bring down the number of people arriving in the country.

"Our new immigration system will turn off the tap of cheap, foreign low skilled labour," interior minister Priti Patel wrote in The Sun newspaper today.

"From next year, all skilled workers will need to earn enough points to work in the UK. They will need to speak English, have a firm job offer, and meet the salary requirements."

Patel said "overall numbers" would fall under the plan.

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