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Ukraine says it has way to stop Germany’s ruling coalition, block Nord Stream 2

Christian Fernsby |
Kyiv has threatened to dispute the amendments of Germany’s ruling coalition to the EU’s new gas directive which, once adopted, will allow the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to bypass the restrictions.

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Ukraine’s trade representative, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Taras Kachka, warned about this.

According to him, such an initiative will lead to lengthy legal procedures, which will block the operation of the Russian pipeline, Interfax reports.

The updated directive adopted in April stipulates that parts of pipelines originating in third countries but passing through EU territory, including its territorial waters, must meet the requirements that apply to the EU’s own internal pipelines.

According to the directive, the operator company of Nord Stream 2 must be independent from Gazprom, and 50% of the pipeline’s capacity must be reserved for alternative suppliers.

Exceptions are possible, but only with the approval of the European Commission.

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