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Ukraine threatens Russia with sanctions as Donbas negotiations stall

Christian Fernsby |
If there is no progress in the Donbas negotiation by the end of the year, Ukraine may insist on strengthening sanctions against Russia, stated the head of the Ukrainian delegation in the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas Leonid Kravchuk.

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"If before the end of the year, as Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching, if it does not happen, then I think the beginning of the new year will be the beginning of a new standard of our understanding of the situation, our search for new influences and our new proposals for pressure on the aggressor," Kravchuk said.

He noted that Ukraine may demand sanctions, including on "international payment systems". Kravchuk added that the best way for Ukraine is to solve the issues diplomatically without seeking war.

"If Russia does not want to agree diplomatically, we must do everything to force it to stop the aggression and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine through the general pressure of the world community," he concluded.

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