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Vucic: Serbia to give $30 to all vaccinated citizens

Christian Fernsby |
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that all citizens who have been vaccinated will receive 3,000 dinars ($30).

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The president said that in addition to the previously envisioned assistance, anyone who has been vaccinated with either one or two doses and is over 16, and anyone who will be vaccinated with at least one dose by May 31, will be vaccinated. May, receive an additional RSD 3,000 from the state.

Vucic said he consulted late last night about the decision with the prime minister and that they had made up their minds, and that it would only be seen whether the decision would have to be adopted by the government.

"We cannot bring negative discriminatory measures for those who do not want to receive vaccines, although I think it is irresponsible and selfish. We were thinking about how to reward people who have shown responsibility and we have made the decision to provide additional financial assistance for people who have been vaccinated," Vucic said.

"We calculate that by the end of May we can reach the figure of close to three million people who have been vaccinated with at least one dose, in order to gain collective immunity."

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