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'We leave, deal or no deal', Boris Johnson launches leadership bid

Christian Fernsby |
The video, featuring clips of Boris Johnson talking to voters and a monologue delivered straight to camera, is his first real salvo in the leadership battle.

In it, he is seen touching on issues known to be important to the 160,000 or so Conservative members who will have the final vote on Britain's next leader, once the candidate list has been whittled down by Conservative lawmakers.

"Cut some taxes and you get more money in," he tells another member of the public, while also arguing for more investment in education, infrastructure and healthcare.

"Now is the time to unite our society, and unite our country. To build the infrastructure, to invest in education, to improve our environment, and to support our fantastic NHS," he said.

"To lift everyone in our country, and of course, also to make sure that we support our wealth creators and the businesses that make that investment possible."

The former foreign secretary has pledged to "significantly" increase the amount spent on every secondary school pupil to at least £5,000 (€5,634).

Mr Johnson's campaign launch was clearly aimed at showing Tory MPs that he is the candidate most likely to secure them a general election victory, with carefully chosen footage of the former mayor of London on voters' doorsteps.

On Brexit, he said: "If I get in, we'll come out, deal or no deal, on October 31."

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