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West Virginia revenue surplus $27.4 million in March

Christian Fernsby |
Governor Jim Justice announced that West Virginia’s general revenue collections for the month of March 2021 came in at $27.4 million above estimates and 3.6% above prior year receipts, closing the books on yet another positive financial month, despite the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the state’s economy.

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West Virginia has now banked surpluses in eight of the first nine months of Fiscal Year 2021. Gov. Justice reported that year-to-date general revenue collections are $235.4 million above estimates and 4.8% above prior year receipts.

“West Virginia is continuing to pump out surplus after surplus. We’ve almost become numb to good revenue numbers,” Gov. Justice said. “I’ve said over and over that, other than looking after the health and safety of all West Virginians, my number one job is to ‘mind the store’ – to look after the economics of our state because, if we get the economics right, we’re able to provide more and more services for our people.

“We have West Virginia trending exactly the way West Virginia should trend,” Gov. Justice continued. “This is why, with the world looking at West Virginia right now because of how we’ve handled the pandemic, we have got to do something about changing our image to the world.

“Right this minute is our time to put us on a pathway to eliminating our personal income tax. We can’t afford to wait. If we wait, we’re going to lose the spotlight that’s on West Virginia right now.”

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