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Workers' Party of Brazil calls Bolsonaro an exterminator of future

Christian Fernsby |
The Workers' Party (PT) of Brazil described President Jair Bolsonaro as an exterminator of the future of this country, where he is currently promoting a true genocide, amid the fight against the coronavirus.

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Bolsonaro 'is the most responsible for an obscurantist, unscientific and irresponsible policy that can end thousands of lives and millions of jobs', PT secretary general, lawmaker Paulo Texeira, denounced in an extensive article posted on Brasil de Fato website.

The party leader assured that by denying all international health observations and stimulating the end of horizontal isolation, the far-right leader not only puts lives at risk, but also puts the economy itself in a state of calamity.

According to Texeira, the pandemic in the country is much larger than official death and infection records show. So far, Brazil has recorded 2,741 deaths and 43,000 nine infections.

'Unemployment, hunger, discouragement and informality further threaten the future, placing neoliberalism in the deepest disrepute, as a development model incapable of responding to social demand', Texeira said.

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