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Xi: Fortress to fights again Tibet separatism, people must love China

Christian Fernsby |
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday said that the country must build an impregnable fortress to maintain peace and stability in Tibet and encourage the people to fight against separatism, South China Morning Post reported.

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He also called for an ironclad shield to ensure stability in the region.

Xi made the remarks at the Communist Party’s Central Symposium on Tibet Work.

The symposium is China’s most significant forum to discuss Tibet.

The Chinese president also called for “planting the seeds of loving China in the depths of the hearts of every youth” through ideological and political education.

Xi also emphasised that schools should incorporate patriotism in their curriculum.

Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi has condemned the attempts of foreign governments to meddle in the domestic affairs of Beijing, warning them against interfering in the situation in China's Xinjiang region and in Hong Kong.

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