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Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa: There will be no profiteering from COVID-19 vaccine

Christian Fernsby |
Government will not allow any form of profiteering from the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination programme and any company or organisation that may procure the vaccines should be prepared to dispense to workers free of charge, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said.

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This comes as the Government's nationwide vaccination programme, which is in phase one and currently targeting frontline workers, the security sector and members of the media, is in full swing with people voluntarily receiving the antigen free of charge.

In his address to the nation on Monday, where he relaxed the lockdown - the President reiterated that the vaccination programme should be free of charge.

"The vaccination will be administered for free. Private entities and organisations, who want to procure the vaccines for their staff or members, must be prepared to distribute the vaccines for free.

"Government will not allow any form of profiteering from the vaccination programme," President Mnangagwa said.

On Monday the President downgraded the level four lockdown by opening most parts of the economy including the informal sector on condition that they satisfy World Health Organisation regulations.

He also tasked schools, colleges and universities to start preparations for reopening after a long lull spawned by the more devastating wave of the Covid-19 pandemic experienced in January.

With the uptake of the Sinopharm vaccines gifted to Zimbabwe by China on the rise, the President assured the nation that more vaccines are on their way.

"I would like to once again reassure the nation that more vaccines are coming and people will have the opportunity to be vaccinated. As Government, we are pleased with the positive response from the targeted groups.

"The overwhelming number of enquiries from those outside the first phase target groups is encouraging as they indicate their desire to vaccinate.

"On behalf of the Government and the people of Zimbabwe, I once again express my profound gratitude to the President of People's Republic of China, His Excellency Xi Jinping and the Government and people of China for the additional donation of 200 000 doses of vaccines made to Zimbabwe just last week.

"This generous gift will greatly contribute to our quest to achieve herd immunity. Over and above the combined total of 400 000 donated doses, another 600 000 doses of Chinese vaccines will be arriving in the coming weeks. A further 1,2 million doses have also been availed by Chinese companies for Zimbabwe.

"I equally express our gratitude to Russia, India and the United Kingdom who have pledged donations of various vaccines.

"As the above vaccination programme is underway, let us continue to minimise the risk of spikes in the number of cases by adhering to the World Health Organisation public health protocols and the additional preventive measures announced by Government from time to time," he said.

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