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$4,799.90 for headphones with an amplifier? For Sennheiser, yes. Absolutely

Dale Davies |
The sound field of the HD 820 is wide open. That says it all.

Sennheiser closed dynamic HD 820 employ an innovative technology that makes them sound breathtakingly transparent and natural. Developed and made in Germany, they offer an incredibly realistic, natural sound field and also stand apart by the extraordinary attention given to every detail of their design. Their soft comfortable microfiber ear pads are hand crafted, providing excellent attenuation of ambient noise, while the robust metal headband includes an inner damping element.

With the HD 820 you can explore and rediscover your music in absolute reference class quality without intruding on the aural comfort zone of others. Thus, the HD 820 not only open up the sound field, but also new places and opportunities for you to enjoy your music. The breakthrough transparent performance of the HD 820 has been achieved through a special innovation: Their legendary Sennheiser Ring Radiator transducers are fitted with unique glass covers.

Revealing the great look of the technical component within, this visually striking feature was actually developed wholly in service to the sound: The concave glass reflects the sound waves from the rear of the transducer to an absorber, which results in minimal resonance. Thus, the sound waves are effectively “gone” like they would be in open headphones. Made in Germany, the HD 820 stand apart also because of the extraordinary attention that is given to every detail: From the extra comfortable handcrafted ear pads that insulate the listener from ambient noise, to the silvercladded OFC cables and plugs, to the robust metal headband with an inner damping element.

Sennheiser HD 820 headphones offer an unparalleled listening experience, which can even be improved by the Sennheiser HDV 820 amplifier for dynamic headphones ($2,399.95). Only what gets in can eventually get out. That’s why the HD 820 come with a specially tuned symmetrical, impedance-matching cable with low capacitance and a balanced plug, which offers superior characteristics in contact resistance, and thus in sound. For $2,399.95 Sennheiser HD 820 offers incredible sound other manufacturers can just dream off.