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Acoustic Signature Ascona NEO turntable, $32,000 for massive device and great sound

Dale Davies |
The Acoustic Signature Ascona NEO is at the peak of what is sonically and technically feasible.

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Constraint Layer Damping (CLD) is a mechanical engineering method for the absorption or minimization of vibrations. In audio components CLD technology is usually implemented by using sandwich designs that embed a damping material layer between materials that do not themselves have sufficient damping properties. A cartridge will only track a record unaffected, if it finds a quiet surface without resonance interferences. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop vibrationfree chassis and platter designs this must be done in addition to the resonancereducing measures for motors, drive and bearing construction.

In order to achieve this, Acoustic Signature extended the typical CLD technology approach more than 20 years ago. Beyond the classic sandwich construction, we presented an absolute novelty to the highend world: the Acoustic Signature silencer platter, which set new standards in vibration absorption. Acoustic Signature twintrack CLD approach, which is mainly used in highmass turntables, is still unsurpassed in its effectiveness. In the course of planning and developing NEO product line, Acoustic Signature been working intensively on improving CLD concept.

First, Acoustic Signature led to an optimized material combination consisting of two layers of a special aluminum alloy and an intermediate brass layer. Second, this also led to a new arrangement as well as an adjustment of size, weight and position of silencer brass bolts when implemented in platters. In addition, Acoustic Signature had to sensibly pair the two CLD tools with the NEO chassis to maximize the effect. The elaborate material experiments and listening sessions were worth the efforts: in NEO turntable series Acoustic Signature succeeded in taking the interaction of all technologies to a stunning new level.

A rigid, yet energy absorbing chassis based on finite element design principles, and Acoustic Signature new CLD approach creates unbeatable units in terms of resonance behavior. The Ascona NEO can be equipped with up to three tonearms. The adjustable tonearm bases with exchangeable arm boards are manufactured individually for your tonearm. For this beautiful turntable you will have to pay $32,000 but if you want great sound for your vinyl Acoustic Signature Ascona is way to go absolutely.

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