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Bacillus Tilia: Hi-Fi headphone amplifier and a designer's piece

Dale Davies |
Many sound sources feature headphone outputs but a separate headphone amplifier is a must if you want to fully enjoy music with your headphones, cut off from the rest of the world. Erzetich Audio is a young company with some great products for a pro or amateur audiophiles.

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The fact is that the headphone output you have in your audio source is more of a monitoring nature and less of a audio stage meant to be a powerful, sound-neutral headphones driver.

High-end external headphone amplifiers - no matter is your audio source a Hi-Fi device, computer or a portable MP3 player - can improve sound greatly if paired with right headphones. Erzetich Audio has some very interesting models, Bacillus, Bacillus Tilia, and Perfidus, and here we will focus on the Tilia model which not only sounds great but also looks great in every space, from a professional studio to your living room.

A little bit of technical info: Bacillus Tilia is based on a proprietary technology, it uses high-end input capacitors and highest grade op-amps, and Obbligato Gold premium quality pulse input capacitors. There is also Burr-Brown current buffer Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer and 2 x 15 V on-board stabilized power supply. Bacillus Tilia can drive headphones with impedance from 8 to 600 ohm with its output power of 181.5 mW (8 ohm) and 161 mW (600 ohm).

Frequency response is from 3 Hz to 500 kHz, total harmonic distortion is 0.0002%, signal to noise ratio greater than 04 dB, and power consumption is 3W.

The company describes the sound of Bacillus Tilia as slightly warm and this is true but the emphasize here is on the word "slightly" because Tilia won't add or cut anything important from your favorite music piece. Before you plug in your headphones be advised that Tilia won't create a miracle with a very cheap headphones, no amplifier can do that, so you should try several model in a higher or top class before you decide which combination is right for you.

Regarding the sound across all spectrum, Bacillus Tilia delivers strong bass, enjoyable middle, a very precise highs. All details are present and clear, and the amplifier will suit you well with some classic piece as well as some jazz standards or a modern music piece. For some there is a constriction in the soundstage but we believe that's more of a subjective feeling, so you'll have to listen very carefully to notice that.

Along with a excellent sound, with Bacillus Tilia you'll a design statement. Its wood chassis is hand carved and artificially aged. Then, it is painted with seven coats of four different varnishes, giving it the look of an aged piece of linden wood. All that means every piece is unique and with its minimalistic front-end design it is ready for your designer's room or studio. Tilia is definitively an amplifier you have to take into a consideration if you want a Hi-Fi sound coming out from your headphones.

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