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CAT Elite speakers cost $500,000. And it's worth it

Dale Davies |
If you have $500,000 to spend on great sound, the California Audio Technology (CAT) Elite speakers are for you. Their proprietary driver provide the backbone for unmatched sound.

CAT Elite employs numerous advance technologies, from their proprietary drivers armed with substantially larger, to more powerful neodymium magnets (the backbone of the driver motors), stronger curvilinear aluminum driver cones, and copper phase plugs (CNC'd to wristwatch quality) are added to midrange drivers to dissipate heat from the driver magnet structure while eliminating unwanted cone reflections. Cast aluminum driver baskets are strengthened, and overall driver accuracy, speed, musicality, and SPL is even more extraordinary.

Most CAT Elite systems employ large scale versions of CAT's subwoofer balancing systems. In addition to adding accuracy, speed, and musicality to the bass frequencies at all listening positions, CAT Elite's subwoofer bass balancing systems SBBS and subwoofer bass management systems SBMS, significantly reduce listening fatigue. These CAT Elite subwoofer balancing systems usually deploy between 6 and 12 subwoofers that perform in concert to correctly balance the LFE bass throughout the room.

CAT's superior loudspeaker enclosure material options include HDF, Corian, Avonite, MBX 105, exotic hardwoods and aluminum. CAT avoids using cheap 100V (and less) crossover components (circuit boards, coils, capacitors, and resistors). To substantially increase performance, reliability, musicality, and power handling, CAT's proprietary 500V audiophile and military grade circuit boards, perfect layer 6N copper coils, polypropylene capacitors, and resistors provide the seamless technology that makes CAT leap ahead of all competition.

Each CAT Elite room balancing subwoofer "RBS" is correctly acoustically positioned, receives it's own amplifier and DSP - digital signal processor channel, and is engineered/calibrated/tuned on-site by an acoustician, or a CAT Elite A/V integrator, and on occasion, an actual CAT factory engineer. If you cam so far, you must be interested in Elite and indeed there hard to find something better. Very hard.

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