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Hover Camera follows you around for ultimate selfies

Dale Davies |
The Hover Camera that follows you and record everything you do is a drone but the company behind it calls it a "flying camera." The name aside, this is an adorable flying device we'd like to have with us all the time.

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The Hover Camera is small, weighs half a pound and doesn't require an FAA drone registration to fly. The device's carbon fiber enclosure protects its blades or, better to say, people it flies around, and the foldable design makes it easy to travel with. The Hover Camera, battery and charger fit neatly into a small case. When you power it on, just let it go and it will hover in the air all the way up to 164 feet high. Created by Zero Zero Robotics, this is really a unique drone out there.

The best feature of this camera is its ability to autonomously follow you and record video about you but you can also control it manually with an app using gestures. In auto-follow mode, the camera and software track people's faces, locks onto them and then follows them. It maintains a safe distance but thanks to its enclosure and small weight there's no danger even if it comes too close, that would be like a toy, nothing serious.

Contrary to other drones, it is very easy to fly it. All you have to do it flip open the case and release the camera in the air and it will very quickly stabilize, ready to capture photos and video. The Hover Camera shoots images at 13 megapixels and videos in 4K and thanks to Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which make pictures clear and without blur. It is also able to rotate 360 degrees while hovering allowing you to photograph panoramic views. Or should we say, panoramic selfies.

Weighing just 238 grams, which is the weight of two smartphones, and measuring just 182 x 132 x 32.5mm, the Hover Camera camera is very easy to carry around and put in any bad you have at hand. Battery life is its the biggest downside because it allows for up to 8 minutes per charge but future versions should bring 30-minutes flying time. It has a Wi-Fi hotspot on the device, so you're read to share your photos and video just like that. This is without any doubt, the funnies drone ever made.

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