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Lumia 540 Dual SIM: Big screen, low price

Adriana First |
It seems that Lumias are following the strategy of Nokia from the old days: make them as many as you can! There's no shortage of new entry- and mid-range Lumia smartphones but this new Lumia 540 Dual SIM is an interesting model.

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At the heart of the phone there is a 5.0-inch 720 x 1280 screen with a pixel density of 294 pixels per inch, and that means it is delivering big and crisp pictures. This is something absolutely above this smartphone class and something that will delight all buyers who can't afford hundreds of dollars to get a big and nice screen. Lumia 540 had good cameras too, with an 8 megapixel lens on the back and a 5 megapixel wide-angle one on the front, so its photography feature should be enough for all photo-fans.

If you look inside, there is 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor and 1GB of RAM to keep it running smoothly. The new Lumia runs Windows Phone 8.1 with the Lumia Denim update, so there's no need to spend many words here: the devices brings you all the latest Microsoft apps, like Cortana, Skype, Office, and OneDrive. On OneDrive you have 15GB of storage when you buy this phone and another 15GB if you switch on the "auto-upload" feature. This is a nice way to increase 8GB of built in memory. A microSD card slot supports of up to 128GB.

The battery has a very respectable capacity of 2200 mAh battery and maybe the most important info is the promise that you will be able to update to Windows 10 when it comes out in the wild, and that will keep the value of your phone above the water for even longer period of time. On the bad side, Lumia 540 Dual SIM was presented for IMEA and APAC markets, so if you are living some place else, you better find a friend who're ready to try to get one for you. Considering all option, this is a phone definitively worth a look if you want a cheap, yet powerful device with a big screen.

When all is said and tried, Lumia 540 Dual SIM, in its 9.35mm thick body, with all Microsoft amenities, crystal clear picture and fast response, is welcomed device for just $149.

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