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Nikon Df, mechanical dials still rule for best photography

Dale Davies |
The Nikon Df represents a fusion between tactile precision mechanics and sumptuous image quality.

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The Df is designed to travel. Photographers will take this compact, lightweight camera to more locations, and will enjoy discovering more photographic opportunities. The Df delivers the exceptional image quality that discerning photographers demand across an impressively wide ISO range. The idea to match an FX-format image sensor with 16.2 effective megapixels is the result of careful calculation: resolution, high ISO noise, dynamic range, tonal gradation, and color reproduction were all considered for the sake of offering the most well-balanced performance possible.

Using an FX-format CMOS image sensor that incorporates Nikon's unique technology, the Df benefits from a large pixel pitch of 7.3μm, and is designed to collect the maximum amount of light in any situation. Combined with the sensor's low noise emitting circuitry, image-degrading noise is kept to a minimum even before image processing. As a result, photographers can benefit from exceptionally high image quality while taking advantage of the clean, rich tones, and wide dynamic range under a diverse array of lighting situations.

An additional benefit is an easier-to-use file size. Not only does the Df deliver superb, commercially usable image quality for prints as large as A3, its 16.3 effective megapixels gives you files that are ideal for fast image processing, buffering and data management. For many passionate photographers, these are real-world benefits. The Df is designed for photographers who want to concentrate solely on the art of photography. This dedication to still photography led to the removal of the movie-making components of the camera, including the operation knob and button, the microphone terminal and the speaker.

The large mechanical dials that dominate the top of the Df are where photographers will rediscover the pleasure of camera operations and the photographic process. Instead of considering the exposure over the LCD monitor, the camera's top deck makes ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and exposure compensation value constantly visible and accessible, inspiring photographers to more physically direct the camera's settings. With the Df in their grasp, passionate photographers will find their hands drawn to the mechanical dials and be inspired to craft their own pictures.

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