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Rotel is a legendary name and Michi is a legendary amplifier

Dale Davies |
The Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier Class AB amplifier delivers 1,080 watts into 8 ohms and an astounding 1,800 watts into 4 ohm loads.

The design ensures a smooth, accurate and relaxed delivery of the audio to even the most demanding loudspeakers while maintaining critical energy, rhythm and timing. The stunning control and authoritative power of the Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier is the result of a perfect balance of science meets art delivering 1,080 watts of Class AB power into 8 ohms and an astounding 1,800 watts to the most demanding 4 ohm loudspeakers.

The M8 is powered by a pair of custom, low noise, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers supported by 4 British patented slit foil, high efficiency, low ESR bulk storage capacitors for impactful bass with exceptional control under extreme loading conditions. To achieve accuracy and its unsurpassed performance, the M8 is equipped with an array of 32 high current output transistors thus reducing the load on individual components and maintaining the crucial energy, rhythm and timing throughout the amplification stages.

Musical expression and detailed refinement were further accomplished through acoustic tuning of all critical components and a balanced circuit design. A high resolution display adorns the front panel supporting a peak power meter or spectrum analyzer. With XLR and RCA inputs, 2 sets of custom Michi speaker binding posts, remote control and fully featured RS232 and Ethernet connections the M8 provides ultimate installation flexibility. Power amplification at its best in the most elegant of industrial designs.

More than 55 years of designing audio video components has put Rotel on the top of the audio field. Rotel has always been a family owned business. That is why Rotel take the time to build, test, and critically evaluate each new model before it goes into production. Rotel is the brand that deserve a place in your room because that quality you won't find ofter. And if you need a great amplifier, look no further and take Michi.

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