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Sharp Aquos V, very decent smartphone

Dale Davies |
Sharp Aquos V is completely black, with a glossy back and matt frame. And it's good.

Sharp FeelFitRidge is supposed to fit particularly well in the hand and, thanks to its strength, give the device special stability. In fact, the smartphone looks very robust, and at the same time the frame actually feels secure and ergonomic in the hand. As the Sharp Aquos V is somewhat more compact than many other smartphones in this price range of 229 euros, it can also save a few grams in weight and is the lightest of the comparable devices at 173 grams.

The device supports WiFi 5, which in itself is nothing special, even in this price range. On the other hand, thanks to 2x2 MIMO, it also takes advantage of the speed advantages of the standard and brings significantly faster speeds for the Internet than the competition. Aquos V comes with UFS 2.0 memory. It's not quite at the top of the league with that, the Samsung Galaxy M30s with UFS 2.1 memory is ahead of the pack.

However, the memory is also of higher quality and faster than in many other smartphones in this price range. Current Bluetooth 5.0 is on board, NFC is unfortunately searched for in vain. On the back there is a fingerprint sensor that unlocks the smartphone quickly and reliably. The touchscreen reacts quickly and reliably to inputs. There are two full 13 megapixel lenses on the back of the Sharp Aquos V. The image quality is decent, but also quite dark.

The brightness of the display can't quite keep up with the comparable devices, but the screen is still bright enough for everyday use. You can only see the advantages of the competition in very strong sunlight. Display manufacturer Sharp could have taken a bit more care with the black value, though, so there is only a meager contrast and colors look visibly pale and powerless. The display of the Sharp Aquos V offers an extended FullHD resolution.

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