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Sony PlayStationVue against cable and satellite TV

Dale Davies |
Sony Network Entertainment International Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled PlayStationVue, a new cloud-based TV service that allows users watch TV without a cable or satellite subscription.

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PlayStationVue leverages the power of the cloud to combine the live, on-demand, and catch-up TV content. PlayStationVue immediately connects viewers to the content they want to watch, helps them easily access their favorite shows and channels, and recommends movies and shows based on their viewing habits and what's trending.

The smart “Search" feature narrows down results quickly and intuitively, and the powerful “Explore" function allows viewers to filter simultaneously the entire catalog of live and on-demand content by type of program, genre, ratings, popularity, length and more.

PlayStationVue delivers catch-up and on-demand TV, freeing viewers to watch TV on their own schedules. The service makes the past three days of popular programming available without the need to schedule recordings.

Viewers can save their favorite shows to the cloud without storage restrictions or scheduling conflicts. Once viewers tag a favorite show, they will automatically have access to episodes of that show for 28 days so that they can watch on their own time.

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