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Stunning Fyne Audio F704 amplifier, British audio for best ears

Dale Davies |
Built in the UK, Fyne Audio F704 features the best of Fyne Audio’s new technologies and expertise distilled into a contemporary floorstanding speaker.

Using trickle down technology from the F1 Series, it blends a 300mm IsoFlare point source driver and 300mm multi-fibre bass driver into a twin cavity tuned cabinet with a BassTrax LF diffuser integrated into the down firing port. Available in luxury high gloss piano lacquer applied to black, white or walnut veneers, the flagship of the series delivers stunning dynamics for a truly captivating Hi-Fi experience. The F700 Series’ hand crafted cabinets have a uniquely sculpted shape designed to appeal to both the ear and the eye.

The curve of each panel is precisely calculated to diffuse standing waves, allowing the finest musical details to shine through, while extensive internal bracing reinforces the sonic neutrality of the enclosure. Formed from high density birch plywood, chosen for its extremely low sonic colouration, the cabinet construction features a complex, twin cavity tuning system. The F700 Series crossover is the result of sourcing the very best audio components from around the world and Fyne’s extensive experience in network design.

The result is a crossover of incredible neutrality, combining low loss inductors, Claritycap high grade capacitors and Van den Hul high purity silver plated internal wiring to create the cleanest signal path possible. Every F700 Series crossover is Deep Cryogenically Treated. This super-freezing and slow thawing process relieves microstress in components, wiring and solder joints, maximising signal transfer and delivering greater transparency to the sound. The bi-wired terminal panel uses gold plated link cables and premium quality gold plated binding posts.

A fifth terminal is provided for grounding, further preventing radio frequency interference from masking fine detail. Fyne Audio’s flagship BassTrax Tractrix diffuser bass porting system is integrated into all F700 models. The result is unrivalled bass integration in any room, offering the depth and scale of a large, ported cabinet loudspeaker without the potential bass bloom caused by typical port/room interactions. The clever design makes F700 Series far less sensitive of room position than traditional Hi-Fi loudspeakers, enabling easy in room placement for aesthetic or practical reasons.

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