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The exceptional definition and the power of the Focal Chorus 726 loudspeakers

Dale Davies |
The 3-way design of the Focal Chorus 726 combines the exceptional definition of the midrange and the power of the two woofers.

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Polyglass technology, exclusive to Focal, consists in applying molten glass microballs on a cellulose pulp cone. This process combines an excellent paper damping with glass rigidity. The mass/rigidity/damping ratio adjustment results in outstanding linearity of the frequency response curve, all from the inherent design of the cone. This innovation also greatly increases definition in the midrange. The TNV2 tweeter features a structure of the suspension which directly comes from the speakers of the reference Utopia line.

The material used is very light which means that the suspension will not become damaged or compressed with time, the distortion will be reduced and the frequency response will be improved. The result is a sound which is soft and precise and which offers improved harmonics richness and a more precise soundstage. Made in France, the Chorus 700 line is available in Black Style or White Style finishes which The combination of the leather-covered enclosure and the black or white high gloss side panels.

The extremely appealing design has an elegant and timeless look. For those who are fans of more classic finishes, the Chorus 700 range is also available in Walnut finish. You will find the elements which enabled the success of this range, such as the flawless cabinet-making techniques, the non-parallel side panels, the thick front and the many efficient reinforcement. You will then appreciate the subtle reinterpretation of the original design: The vivid and prominent lines have been replaced with smoother, more fluid curves to keep up to date with current trends.

The quality of the assembly smoothens out the creases, and the choice of materials gives the speakers a sense of harmony and elegance. The Chorus 726 embodies the affordable traditional high-end loudspeaker: the restyled cabinet, combined with the new design of the cloth frames give these speakers a modern and slender look. If you are out there, searching for a pair of loudspeakers that will serve you well for years, you definitively must see and hear the Focal Chorus 726. Oh, yes, be sure to feed them with an amplifier of 40 to 250 watts

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