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Xiaomi Mi Drone brings top picture at low price

Dale Davies |
Xiaomi decided that the drone market is not something is can go without them, so it launched its own, very interesting model.

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Xiaomi's Mi Drone is a quadcopter with a three-axis gimbal, 4K camera, and a remote control that uses - what else? - Mi smartphone as its viewfinder. The 4K version retails at 2,999 yuan (just shy of $460), while the 1080p model is priced at 2,499 yuan ($380). This is very nice news for all drone fans because 4K-camera drones from other companies are in the $1,000+ range. So far so good, but it is getting better.

One of the key advantages that Xiaomi wants to achieve with its Mi Drone is the modularity and serviceability of the device. The camera module can be detached, as well as all the rotors. This new drone has a 5,100mAh battery, which is also easily replaceable, and Xiaomi says the unit can get 27 minutes of flight time on a single charge. This is another good news for drone fans because with today's technology that's a good result.

The Mi Drone uses GPS and GLONASS for positioning, and has a visual positioning system on the bottom. It allows it to remain stable while flying at low altitudes, where it cannot get a satellite signal. The Mi Drone offers the now standard package of autonomous flights modes: takeoff, landing, return to home, waypoint navigation, and orbit. The Mi Drone also has the ability to create a "geofence" to limit its movement.

Xiaomi said the 4K option will be available for testing via an open beta programme at the end of July. The Mi Drone could be pain in the back to many drone makers out there because it offers very decent features are very attractive price. Add to that a fanatic group of Xiaomi smartphones users, and you can see its potential. Inputs will be flowing from everywhere, helping Xiaomi make a new and even better version.

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