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Bechtel announces leadership changes

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Reston, Va., USA - August 1, 2014, Reston, Va., USA - Bechtel, an engineering, procurement, and construction company, announced that Brendan Bechtel will become president and COO and a member of the board of directors of Bechtel Group, Inc.

Mr. Brendan Bechtel is son of Chairman of the Board Riley Bechtel. Mr. Brendan Bechtel most recently served as president of the company’s largest and most successful business unit, Oil, Gas & Chemicals.

He first began working for the company during summer breaks in high school. After joining the company full-time, he took on roles of increasing responsibility, including assignments around the world in field construction and project management. In addition, he is credited with being the principal architect of the Bechtel Leadership Model, which helps guide the company’s leadership behavior.

Bechtel Executive Vice President Jack Futcher succeeds Mr. Bechtel as president of the Oil, Gas, & Chemicals business, a position he held previously. A 34-year veteran of the company, Mr. Futcher has also served as president of the organization’s power business and is a member of Bechtel’s board of directors.


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