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Diffusion adds Isaac Blech to board of directors

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Charlottesville, Va., USA - August 18, 2016, Charlottesville, Va., USA - Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company, announced the appointment of Isaac Blech to its board of directors as vice chairman of the board.

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Mr. Blech, an experienced biotechnology entrepreneur and investor, brings to Diffusion over 35 years of expertise in the biotech industry.

Mr. Blech has founded and served on the board of a number of companies that have produced major advances in a broad array of diseases, including the diagnosis of chlamydia, herpes, syphilis and HIV, and the treatment of cystic fibrosis, sexual dysfunction, multiple myeloma and many forms of cancer and hematological disease.

Among the companies he has established are Celgene Corporation, ICOS Corporation, purchased by Eli Lilly, Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation, Gliadel, purchased by Johnson & Johnson, Pathogenesis Corporation, purchased by Chiron, and Genetics Systems Corporation, later purchased by Bristol-Myers Squibb.


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